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Android 5.1 Attachment Download Issue

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This article is in reference to the attachment download issue on Android OS 5.1 and later. This issue is now patched for the latest install of IMail.
This patch will replace the current ActiveSync folder located beneath the WebDir folder in the IMail top directory. The following steps need to be followed to apply this patch correctly. You must be running IMail version 12.5.4 to apply this patch!

1. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing service.
2. Browse to your IMail top directory which can be located on the system icon of your console administrator. Within this folder locate the WebDir folder where ActiveSync lives, rename the ActiveSync folder to OldActiveSync to have a backup.
3. Download the new ActiveSync folder from the URL below and drop it in the WebDir folder.
4. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing service to finalize the patch.


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