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How do I customize the Today page to add custom html?

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How do I customize the Today page to add custom html code so users can see custom information.
To do this follow the steps below.  

NOTE: This method calls for modification of default web client pages. If problems occur, you will need to restore the original default.aspx page.
  • Backup the default.aspx located in the IMail WebClient V2 folder. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  • Open the default.aspx with an advanced Text Editor such as Notepad++ or TextPad.
  • Search for the line that starts with <span id="Clock">&nbsp;</span>
  • Below the line that says <span id="Clock">&nbsp;</span> that is where you will add your custom html.
  • After you've made the changes to the file be sure to save it and restart IIS to ensure the changes took affect.
Click the attachment below to see an example of this change.
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