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How do I obtain my license file and activate Symantec Antivirus

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To obtain your Symantec Anti-Virus license key you must first obtain a Symantec serial number. Please visit to obtain your Symantec serial number. Then, follow the instructions on the web page to register your Symantec Serial number and obtain your Symantec license key.

1. Visit Symantec's Licensing Portal

2. If you have previously registered with Symantec enter your username and password (skip to step 8). Otherwise, click the 'Create Account' button.

3. Fill in the form. This is one-time registration.

4. In the Verification Questions section enter your Symantec serial number and click 'Create Account'.

5. Read the Symantec user agreement and click 'I Accept'.

6. A confirmation page will be displayed summarizing your registration information. In addition, you will receive a registration confirmation email which you should keep for your records.

7. Click 'Licensing Portal Homepage'.

8. Click 'License Management' (Manage Licenses)

9. Enter your Symantec serial number, click 'I Do Not Have a Customer Number', then click Continue.

10. On the page titled 'Select Licenses to Add' check the box next to the license you wish to add then click 'Add Licenses'.

11. Click the link to 'View Licenses Just Added'.

12. On the page titled 'Search Results' click the link to 'View Details'.

13. On the page titled 'License Key Details', under the heading 'License Key Options', click the link to 'Register This License'.

14. On the page titled 'Enter Additional Serial Numbers' hit 'Continue'.

15. Confirm the email address to which Symantec will your deliver your Anti-Virus license key then click 'Continue'.

16. On the Verification page click 'Submit'.

17. Symantec will deliver your license key to the email address specified.

18.  Save .slf file on the IMail server. 

19.  Open browser, go to http://localhost:8004 and login to the Symantec Web Admin.  Click on the System icon, click on 'Install License then browse to .slf file.  Save when exiting.

Version8.2x; 2006.0x; 2006.1; 2006.2x; 10; 10.01; 10.02

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