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How to install iMail v12.5.8 and newer.

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To install iMail v12.5.8 you will need the following prerequisites installed before continuing.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher.
  • Microsoft SQL Standard OR Express Edition 2014 or higher.
  • Microsoft IIS v8.5 or higher.
Disclaimer: The following is intended as a default recommendation guide to help customers install the software on their systems.  This does not cover any custom installation or changes and should be not used as such.
To install a new installation of the iMail software you will need to obtain either a licensed copy from your account or an evaluation from our website at

Once the download is complete and all prerequisites have been installed you will right click the installer and Run-As 'Administrator'.

Starting the installation.
Please note on Windows Server 2016, 2019 the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will prevent the app from starting.  You will need to click the 'More Info' then click 'Run Anyway'.

Run Anyway Dialog

The rest of the installation will guide you automatically asking you questions along the way to setup the software.

First prompt.

Next window will be the EULA that you will need to accept before continuing. 

Once you accept the terms of the EULA and click 'Next' the Activation will start.

User-added image

From there you will follow the rest of the prompts.

Activation Confirmation

If you want to install iMail to a custom path this is where you would specify that value.

Path Choice

By default iMail will install to the Microsoft SQL server instance you installed previously.  

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Next you can select the installation type.  In most cases Typical will be the ideal choice. 

Install Options

On this page you will input your external domain name and the initial user. (NOTE: You are not required to create an account during the installation.  This can be configured later post installation.)
Domain Configuration and Initial User

Last step of the installation is to click Install.  Then the installation is complete.

User-added image
Install Complete
Your iMail 12.5.8 install is now complete.

VersionAnd Newer; 12.5.5

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