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How to refresh an IMail license.

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How do I refresh my IMail license?


You can refresh your IMail license by performing the steps below.  A license refresh may be needed to update any changes on the license such as upgrading to a higher user count, renewing your Premium Antispam subscription, etc...

Version 11.01 and Earlier

  1. On the IMail server go to Start->Programs->IMail Server-> and click the "Ipswitch Activation Utility"
  2. The activation wizard will appear. Select "Refresh License" and click "Next".
  3. Click finish
  4. Restart the SMTP and Queue Manager services in IMail.

Version 11.02 to Version 11.5

If you are running IMail version 11.02 or later you can refresh the license from within the IMail admin console.

In version 11.02 you will find the license information under "System".

Version 11.5 to Current

Open the IMail Administration Console.
Click on the License tab on the left side once you do this you will see a button at the top that says Refresh License.
Click the button and the refresh process is complete.  It will now restart the services and reflect the new date once you close and re-open the IMail Administration Console.

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