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How to update the CYREN install to latest version.

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I'm having an issue where when I restart my server my anti-spam services stops functioning. How can I fix this issue?
CYREN has an updated installation that fixes this issue and the steps below explain how to replace those files:

NOTE: It is recommended that you only apply this fix on IMail version 12.5 or newer.
  1. In order for this operation to work you must stop the following services.
    • SMTP
    • Queue Manager
    • CYREN IP Reputation
    • CYREN AntiSpam
  2. Once completed, extract the files on the server.
  3. After that is complete you will need to browse to the IMail top directory and rename the following files.
    •  aivse000.dll to aivse000.old
    •  ctasd.exe to ctasd.old
    •  ctasd.conf to ctasd.conf.old
  4. Take the files you extracted earlier and place into the same directory.  This should be the IMail top directory.
  5. Once you have replaced the files in the IMail top directory browse to the WebDir\WebClient V2\Bin folder.
  6. When all of the steps are complete you may now restart all the services that you stopped previously.
VersionAnd Newer; 12.0

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