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How to use an external SQL database for collaboration.

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I want to use an external SQL database separate from the IMail server to store my WorkgroupShare database on.
To use an external SQL Server for WorkgroupShare follow the instructions below.
  1. Ensure both the IMail server and the Microsoft SQL server are both members of the same AD domain enviroment.
  2. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit). For 64-bit servers (2008 & 2012) browse to the c:\windows\syswow64\ to open the Data Source Administrator.  Once you have it open highlight the "WorkgroupShare" DSN and click "Configure".

Make sure to use the 32 bit version of the ODBC utility from the c:\windows\syswow64 folder.
       4. Once you are on this screen make sure that the "With Windows NT authentication using the network login ID." is checked.
User-added image

       5.  In the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on the remote server that SQL is installed on, you must create a login account named "DomainName\IMailServerName$" (Where "DomainName" is name of the AD domain, and the IMailServerName$ is the Name of the Windows Server that IMail is installed on and the "$" must be on the end because that specifies any Windows account from that server name.)  
       6. Once the account is created go into the Properties for the user you created and grant the user Data-Reader, Data-Writer, and Owner permissions on the WorkgroupShare database.
​Once complete click "Apply" and close.

Once that is complete you can verify users are able to login to webmail and access their Contacts, Calenders, Tasks & Notes. 
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