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I want my users to be automatically added to a public contact list

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I want my users to be automatically added to a public contact list so all of my users can see it.  I also want the users to be automatically removed as they are deleted.

Managed Public Contacts

Starting with IMail version 12.5, you can use Managed Public Contacts. Managed Public Contacts finally gives system administrators the ability to provide a global address book of sorts to their users that they do not have to manually maintain.

Managed Public Contacts is domain specific so you can enable it for one domain and not another if you choose.  You will enable the Managed Public Contacts in either IMail Admin.  You will configure Managed Public Contacts on the domain's property page (Domains: Edit Domain: Managed Public Contacts).  There you can enable it and set the name of the group users will belong to and the name of the contact folder you want to use.

When enabled, the maintenance service will create one contact for every user in the domain that is enabled on the schedule set in the maintenance service (defaults to once a day at 1:00 AM) or whenever the admin clicks the “Update Folder Now” button. If LDAP is running and they have set a phone number or address for individual users, that information will be set for the contact as well.

Settings for Managed Public Contacts is stored …\DomainTopDir\ManagedPublicContactListSettings.xml

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