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I have IMail Anti-Virus installed on my server. Can I install other AntiVirus software too?

Entries for IMail Anti-Virus Premium and for IMail Anti-Virus Standard follow.

IMail Anti-Virus Premium 1.10 and higher can coexist with any file system AV scanner* provided the IMail directory tree is excluded from scans.

Please see:
Installing Symantec or Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition on mail servers

*If you wish to install a Symantec (Norton) AV scanner, it must be Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition version 8.0 or later, and it must exclude the IMail directory tree from all scans. Also, the client must not be installed in managed mode.

IMail Anti-Virus Premium 1.01 can coexist with any file-system scanner that is not manufactured by Symantec (Norton) as long as the other file-system AV scanner excludes the IMail directory (and all sub-directories) from its scans. If a Symantec Anti-Virus scanner is installed, the 'real-time' scanning component must be completely disabled and the scheduled scans should exclude the IMail directory.

IMail Anti-Virus Standard 1.0 can coexist with any Anti-Virus scanner provided the file-system scanner excludes the IMail directory and all sub-directories from its scans.

Version8.2x; 2006.0x; 2006.1; 2006.2x; 10; 10.01; 10.02; 11

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