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Improving MailArchiva Performance

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Are there any MailArchiva configuration recommendations that might help with performance?
There are several configuration changes that may help performance or improve efficiency. Please review these changes below:

Index Language

If your organization typically communicates in one language (e.g. English), it is highly recommended to set the following in server.conf:



Large Emails

To process larger emails, the MailArchiva server will need more memory. If you find that larger emails are not archived, you will need to increase the server heap space (memory). To give the server more memory, on Windows, right click task tray icon, click Configure, click Java tab, increase the value in Maximum memory pool to 1024.

Server Memory

Before sending MailArchiva into production, its a good idea ensure that the server wont run out of memory when large messages are received. You need to have adequate memory for the server. We recommend about 1 GB to be safe. If you have 1GB installed, to ensure that the server will make use of all of the available memory, it is a good idea to increase the maximum memory pool size. To do this, right click the server task tray icon, click Configure, click the Java tab and increase the size of the Initial memory pool.

Faster Searches

To speed up your email discovery searches, you can set the number of records that the MailArchiving? server returns by modifying the maxSearchResults value in server.conf. This should not affect the quality of your search results, only the maximum number of records returned. A typical user will likely never need to access any more than about 10000 records at a time in any one search.

Increase the Number of Archiving Threads

For sites larger than 1000 mailboxes, you will need increase the number of archiving threads. Typically, a 5000 user site will require at least 60 archiving threads. In increasing the number of archiving threads, you will need to increase the amount of memory allocated to MailArchiva. To do this, edit the file /usr/local/mailarchiva/server/ change: export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -Xms256m" to: export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xmx4096m -Xms256m"

Disable Sorting

You'll get a x16 performance improvement by switching off sorting in the General tab.

Index Caching

Select "Read index once per session" in General configuration options.This causes the search engine to cache the results across searches and improves search time significantly.

Unmount older volumes.

Unmounted volumes are not searcheable. MailArchiva will search all configured volumes except those that are unmounted or ejected.

Disable Attachment Indexing

Set "index.attachments=no" in server.conf.

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