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Please find a list of past/legacy IMail utilities below. Please note that many of these utilities are no longer supported.


IMail Config Export Utility
The IMail Configuration Export Utility (IMailConfigExport.exe) is used to export the IMail Server configuration including services, domains, users, etc. This utility works for all setting stored in the registry only and does not backup mailboxes, databases, etc.

The Listbuilder add-on allows the easy creation of list files for IMail Server lists. Listbuilder has an easy-to-use graphical interface listing all IMail Server domains. It also features the ability to combine several domains into one mailing list and the ability to filter users based on their enabled status or administrative level.

The Externalizer add-on allows the easy migration from the IMail Server database to a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database.

A command line application to calculate the number of users on your server.


Normalize Phrase
The Normalize Phrase utility will parse an IMail Phrase Filtering phrase list and report the search strings that would be created after the phrase list was normalized.

Email Creation - This perl script for IMail users allows you to add users to a list by filling out a html form. This package comes with imailcgi, a command line emailer that is used by the perl script and must be installed on your web server. - This is the newly updated version of - a perl script which allows users to subscribe to a list via a html form. This new version sends the subscriber an email which they must reply to before they are subscribed to the list. This extra step prevents people from subscribing or unsubscribing other people without their consent.

Log Analysis

IMail Log Analyzer
Analyze is a log file analysis tool which enables you to compile valuable statistical information about your server from IMail Server log files. It sorts through the log files and delivers only the information you are interested in, enabling you to gather information quickly and easily. The easy to use interface allows you to select from 26 different reports that extract information such as:

  • number of SMTPD connections
  • number of IMAP errors
  • number of web logins
  • number of web hits
  • and much more

Search options allow you to further define reports with settings like start and end date, start and end time, and the maximum number of returns per report. For your convenience, multiple reports are compiled into a single report file named "Analyze", which contains detailed information from all of the requested reports. This file is stored in the same location as the specified log file, and can be created in either html or text file format.


This program will create the "IMail" start menu folder if it was not created or if it was removed. All program shortcuts will be created in the program group Start > Programs > IMail.

Utilities for IMail 8.x and earlier

EZSignUp (version 8.2x and earlier only)
EZSignUp users can create their own user accounts using a combination of Active Server Pages and IMail Server's command line utilities. This is a great convenience and time saver for IMail Server administrators who want to provide an auto-signup feature for IMail Server.

You've Got IMail
You've Got IMail integrates the Killer WebMail Templates with regular web pages, providing a login form, new message count and send email functions. Users can see how many new messages they have or send an email via the Killer WebMail compose screen from a web page without needing to log in.

Last Login
A command line application to analyze the last login time for a user. Works with IMail and NT databases. (86.3KB)

LDAPer.exe (for version 7) - LDAPer.exe populates the LDAP database, by placing the specified information on the General tab of user properties into the LDAP database. This is handy when you have added a large number of users at once using adduser.exe
LDAPer.exe (for version 6)

FndAdm - FndAdm is an IMail utility that finds host, system, and list administrators in all domains on an IMail host and outputs a list of their usernames and their respective administrative rights.  Version 6 only.  (, 26kb)

Makelist - Makelist is an IMail utility that can be used to create a list of all users on a virtual host. For IMail Server version 5 and 6 only. (, 10kb)

Killer LDAP by Ipswitch 
The Killer LDAP Searchable Address Book module gives your users the ability to search for email addresses against one or more LDAP servers, including your IMail domains. The server names are configured by you, so you have complete control over which LDAP servers to offer. The search form and hitlist integrates directly into the KillerWebMail address book, giving your users a familiar and convenient interface. 
Ideal uses for Killer LDAP include company intranet and educational institution use, where putting hundreds or thousands of addresses in the common address book is impractical at best. 

The LDAP search form is full-featured, allowing users to pick and choose from different search criteria, and search across different fields or all fields. The search results can be automatically sorted alphabetically, and clicking on an entry in the hitlist displays all available data for that address. Favorite addresses can be permanently stored in the user's personal address book with the click of a button. 

Killer LDAP includes a custom COM object we developed specifically for this purpose. You will need IIS v4 or higher on any web server to serve the module's files.

System Requirements: Microsoft IIS v4 or higher, Killer WebMail Templates, and IMail Server 8.10 or higher.

Mail-to-Fax Option by Ipswitch 
IMail Server’s Mail-to-Fax add-on allows system administrators to create special aliases that route messages directly to a fax machine.
Download for v7.1
Download for v8.14

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