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MailArchiva not Archiving Emails

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After installing, MailArchiva is not archiving emails. 

Please refer to the Archiving Getting Started Guide for information on configuring MailArchiva after installation. If the Getting Started Guide does not help, try the troubleshooting steps below:

Common Issues:

Note: Some of the steps below require logging into the Archiva web interface. You can access the web interface from the server by using "http://localhost:8090/mailarchiva" as the URL.

(1) You may have defined an IP address in the Agent tab of the Server Configuration Screen. Note, if this IP address is wrong, then the server will not allow the agent to connect. It is recommended that you remove all IP address entries until you get the connection working correctly. If no IP address is specified, Archiva will listen on all available IP's.

(2) Try to telnet to port 8091 on the MailArchiva server machine to be sure that the MailArchiva server is listening on the socket. If no connection can be made, verify your IP and Port configuration on the Archiva Server Configuration screen and then stop and restart the archiving service.

(3) In the IMail Administration, make sure you are specifying an IP address and port for the MailArchiva server (e.g.

(4) You have not yet set an encryption password in the Administration Console. Refer to the Archiving Getting Started Guide to set the password.

(5) You have not yet added a Volume in the Administration Console. Refer to theArchiving Getting Started Guide for information on creating a volume.

(6) The Server is running out of memory (heap space). To give the server more memory, right click task tray icon, click Configure, click Java tab, increase the value in Maximum memory pool to a minimum of 256.

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