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POP3 commands by telnet

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Here are the POP3 commands, followed by an example showing an actual live session.

USER - Your POP3 user name
PASS - Your password
STAT - Responds with number of messages in maildrop and size of mail drop in octets.
LIST msg - If an argument is entered information on that message is returned. If no argument is entered then information on all messages are listed. Useful if you need to know number and size of messages in mail drop.
RETR msg - Message is listed.
DELE msg - Message is marked for deletion.
Remember to use the QUIT command when finished so messages are deleted.
NOOP - Does nothing, simply returns a positive response.
RSET - If messages have been marked for deletion they are unmarked.
TOP msg n - Returns header information for message and returns the number of lines of the message body represented by n.
UIDL msg - Returns message number and a Unique message ID Listing.
If the POP3 session is terminated for other reasons no update takes place and
messages marked for deletion are not deleted.

[Example with notes in brackets like this one]
+OK X1 NT-POP3 Server (IMail 7.12 48-1)
user dusty
+OK welcome
pass *********
+OK maildrop locked and ready
stat [list statistics on mailbox]
+OK 3 2577 [returns message count of 3 total 2577 bytes
list [list messages]
+OK 3 messages (2577 octets) [returns message number and size of each]
1 1171
2 1021
3 385
retr 3 [retrieves message number 3]
+OK 385 octets
Received: from [] by
(SMTPD32-5.05) id AC28801E8; Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:15:20 -0500
Message-Id: <199908192015750.SM00960@>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:15:55 -0500
X-UIDL: 230371285
Status: U
From: <>

Subject: test
Hi Dusty

uidl 3 [returns message identifier]
+OK 3 230371285
top 3 2 [returns header and first 2 lines of message 3]
+OK 385 octets
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:15:55 -0500
Status: U
From: <>

dele 2 [marks message 2 for deletion]
+OK msg deleted
rset [oops I did not want to delete message 2]
+OK 0
list [list again to make sure they are there]
+OK 3 messages (2577 octets)
1 1171
2 1021
3 385
quit [get me out of here]
+OK POP3 Server saying Good-Bye
Version8.2x; 2006.0x; 2006.1; 2006.2x; 10; 10.01

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