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SMTP Debugging Window Mode

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How can I open SMTP in the Debugging Window for troubleshooting?


There is a new option when starting SMTP that allows you to start the service, at the command line, and have a logging window present. This will allow you to diagnose problems, by being able to view the logs on screen as they are written to the logs.

To start SMTP at the command line in debug mode, type the following from the IMail directory:
SMTPServer -debug

When in debug mode, there a few things to keep in mind.

  1. On a busy server, the debug window will consume resources quickly. The log is displayed on the screen and it does not purge itself until closed. This  means that the log is stored in memory and on the screen and will eventually cause problems if it is allowed to continue running in this mode.
  2. When the SMTP service is in debug mode, the system does not see it as a service. In the IMail Admin application or the service control panel, it will appear that the service is not running. If you were to start the service, the service will not properly load because the ports are already open in the debug app.

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