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You receive an error when attempting to activate the IMail software

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When using the IMail Activation Utility you receive an error after you have entered a correct username and password.

This is a known issue with our activation server that states the username or password combination is invalid.  In order to get around this error you must enter the UAP code at the end of the serial number.

Below is the first screen of the activation wizard, place your serial here like normal.
First Screen

Place your serial number like you normally would but, at the end of that place the UAP code.  To find your UAP code login to your and follow the link below.

My Licenses

Once you are on this page expand your license and you will see the UAP code on the right side.  

UAP Code

Once you have this copied, go back your IMail server activation wizard and place this code at the end of the serial number. 
NOTE: There is no spaces between the serial number and the UAP code.

Once that is complete you can finish the activation and you should see the screen below.



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